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  • Once a school place has been granted, you will receive a welcome letter from Beacon Academy with a link to our online Admission Form which must be completed. Please contact with any questions.

Resources for Year 6 students:

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Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

We are delighted to welcome you to our school and look forward to working with you to support the education, personal development and well-being of our new students, your children, as they progress towards young adulthood.

Making the move from primary to secondary school is an exciting and significant milestone in any child’s education, and can invoke a mixture of emotions for students and their families.

We understand that this period of transition can be unsettling and we want to reassure you that despite the current school closures, we will be working alongside you to aid a smooth, positive start to life at Beacon Academy, enabling our new Year 7 students to make the best progress possible within our highly aspirational, ambitious, challenging and supportive environment.

Our structured transition programme is in place to support the needs of our students and their families. For our September 2020 cohort, the programme was adapted and brought online in line with government guidelines. Detailed virtual resources were distributed and a Microsoft Teams live event was held for each tutor group. Some of our Year 7 students created fun and informative resources to support students in Year 6 with their transition to Beacon Academy. The resources are featured on this page below.

The programme provides you with the opportunity to familiarise yourselves with our expectations and procedures, and enables us to better understand our new students’ individual needs. We hope that the information on these pages will help to support you with this.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns at Our Admissions Officer, Mrs Adams, can be emailed at and our SENDCo, Mrs Moodie, can be emailed at

Mrs Bodman

Mrs Bodman
Head of Year 7

Miss McCormack

Miss McCormack
Assistant Head of Year 7

Support for SEND students

SEND students and their families are welcome to contact our SENDCo, Mrs Thelma Moodie at with any questions or concerns.

Advice for Year 6 from students in Year 7

During the period of school closures in the summer term of 2020, some of our Year 7 students created fun and informative resources that aim to reassure and support students in Year 6. You can view each item by clicking on the links below:

Hand drawn poster with advice from a Year 7 student to students in Year 6

Year 6 Into Year 7 Student FAQs

  • Transition from primary school to Beacon Academy

    In order to promote a smooth and positive transition to Beacon Academy, the following is in place as part of our traditional, structured transition programme:

    • Our Year 7 Student Information survey gives students and parents the opportunity to let us know which of their fellow students they would prefer to be with in a tutor group.

    • A visit to primary schools by your child’s Head of Year/Assistant Head of Year and SENDCO to meet the students, and to meet students and parents from our larger feeder primary schools.

    • An invitation to students and parents from outside of the local area and home educated students to come into the school to meet your child’s Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year.

    • An invitation to parents to come and meet with their child’s Head of Year if they have any concerns about their child’s transition.

    • Three Transition Days in July are planned alongside your primary school, allowing students to experience a taster of a normal day at Beacon Academy, and to meet their fellow students. .

    • Additional Transition Days arranged on an individual basis by need – this can be requested by parents and/or primary schools.

    • An invitation to parents and carers to attend a special tie presentation to officially welcome students into the Beacon Academy community.

    • As far as possible, the Year 7 tutor rooms are in one block, where there are Year 7 only toilets and a number of lockers (although students can also access lockers in different areas of the school).

    • An experienced and highly skilled team of staff to tutor Year 7 - generally these tutors remain tutors for Year 7 as we feel that there are a different set of skills required for this year group.

    • Two specific areas dedicated solely for the use of Year 7 students – the adventure playground and the garden.

    • Year 7 wear a different tie to the rest of the school enabling them to be identified quickly by staff or other students to assist them as necessary.

    • The introduction of a resilience training programme through Tutor Time.

    • Mindfulness sessions are offered to anxious students.
  • September 2021

    • On your child’s first day at Beacon Academy, Year 7 students will begin at 8:30am. The remaining year groups will begin at 10:00am.

    • PE kit - please note that students are not required to bring their PE kit on the first day of term. If students are timetabled PE for their first day, their teacher will talk them through the activities that they will be doing. For further information, regarding Learning Environment and Equipment please refer to the relevant section below.

    • A dedicated parent drop-in clinic is open daily from 8:15-8:40am with your child’s Head of Year/Assistant Head of Year to give you the opportunity to discuss any worries or concerns.

    • One-to-one support for those identified to have additional requirements, i.e. SEND, anxiety.

    • For the entirety of their first year at Beacon Academy, Year 7 students are given an additional five minutes at the beginning of break and lunchtime to enable them to get to the front of the queues in Café Beech.

    • During Term 1, the school day finishes at 3:05pm for Year 7 students, allowing them an additional five minutes to find their friends, or the relevant bus stop or gate.
  • Timings of the Academy Day

    Year 7 students will join us at Beacon Academy on Thursday 2 September 2021. They should arrive for 8:30am (no earlier please) and the school day finishes at 3:10pm (Year 7 finish at 3:05pm during Term 1). There are five lessons every day, each one hour in duration with five minutes travel time at lesson changeover and at the end of lunch time.

    Their tutor will be ready to welcome them on the main playground. If it is raining, students will be met and taken to the Year 7 Centre in the Art and Technology block, where they will meet their tutor in their tutor room. You are welcome to accompany your child to the main playground on their first day.

    Timings of the day

    Time Activity
    8:35am Start of school warning bell
    8:40am - 9:00am Tutor Time
    9:00am - 10:00am Period 1
    10:05am - 11:05am Period 2
    11:05am - 11:30am Break (from 11:00am for Year 7)
    11:30am - 12:30pm Period 3
    12:35pm - 1:35pm Period 4
    1:35pm - 2:10pm Lunch (from 1:30pm for Year 7)
    2:05pm Warning bell
    2:10pm - 3:10pm Period 5 (During Term 1 - Year 7 leave at 3:05pm to go to their coach or leave the site)

    Please note that the Academy gates close at 8:40am. If students arrive after this, they can only enter via the main gate and reception.

  • Meet the Team

  • Who can I contact?

    Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant member of staff:

    • Your concern is specific to one subject: please contact your class teacher or the Head of Department for that subject.

    • Your child has friendship issues: please contact your child’s tutor or the Assistant Head of Year 7.

    • Your child is struggling to settle in: please contact your child’s tutor or the Assistant Head of Year 7.

    • Problems with uniform or equipment: please contact your child’s tutor or the Assistant Head of Year 7.

    • Problems organising or completing homework: students can attend homework clubs either in specific subjects or general homework club run by the Year Team.

    • Medical or attendance issues: please contact the Assistant Head of Year 7.

    • Concerns around progress: if it relates to one subject, please contact your class teacher, or if it relates to multiple subjects, please contact the Head of Year 7.

    Contact information can be found on our Contact Us web page.

  • Top Tips to Support Your Child

    • Reassure your child that their worries about transition are normal and that things will get easier.

    • Ensure that your child knows who to contact or where to go if there is a problem - please refer to the information in the section above.

    • Encourage your child to be organised, by letting them pack the items they need the night before. Help them to create a daily checklist for items they need for school: How to Pack Your Bag the Night Before School.

    • Encourage your child to set an alarm to wake them up in the morning.

    • Provide your child with a watch if they do not have one.

    • Keep a copy of your child’s timetable to ensure that you know what they are doing each day and record the email address of their tutor. Encourage them to have a copy of their timetable on their phone if they have one.

    • Check their planner regularly and please sign it once a week.

    • Let us know if something happens that may affect their day at Beacon.

    • Provide a quiet area for homework, and agree upon a routine for completing it – Homework Support Sessions run most days after school until 4:00pm.

    • Where possible, have a set of equipment at home to use for completing homework rather than taking equipment out of their bag.

    • Name and label everything, including shoes.

    • Ensure your child is “device-free” at least one hour before they go to sleep to enable them to have a calm end to their day.

    • Ensure they have a reasonable bed time – an average eleven year-old requires approximately 9 ½ hours’ sleep.

    • Visit the Starting Secondary School section of the BBC Bitesize website for tips, resources and advice.

    • Visit the following link to BBC Bitesize for suggestions for preparing your child practically with the move to secondary school.

    • Visit the following link to BBC Bitesize for suggestions for preparing your child emotionally with the move to secondary school.
  • Cashless Catering Information for Students and Parents

    Beacon Academy operates a cashless catering system and cash is not accepted at the tills in Café Beech. Each student is provided with login details for an account with ParentPay. ParentPay offers you the freedom to make payments whenever and wherever you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - safe in the knowledge that the technology used is of the highest internet security available. ParentPay accounts can be topped up online and parents can also check balances, view historic transactions and account statements.

    Parents of our new Year 7 students will receive a letter in the summer holidays providing details of their ParentPay account activation codes with a unique username and password. Students are issued with a six-digit PIN number which they will use to purchase meals in the Café. Students need this PIN to add funds to their account and to buy food. Students should keep this PIN number secure; they should memorise this or put it in their mobile phone or planner as a reminder.

    Students can check their balance and use notes or coins (except 1p and 2p coins) to top up their account at the revaluation machines located in the Student Support Corridor and in Café Beech. Instructions are available at the machines and staff will be available to induct students in the use of the machines at the beginning of the academic year.

    A daily maximum spend of £5 has been set for all students - no food above that limit can be bought.

    Please note that we are able to accept online payments for many Academy items using ParentPay. This will include school meals, educational trips, exam re-sit fees, and booking and payment for Academy performances.

    If students have a specific food allergy or are diagnosed diabetic, this medical information can be coded into the system, preventing foods with allergy ingredients from being served to a particular student.

    If students are entitled to a free school meal their account will be credited daily with the amount allocated for a free school meal. Please visit our Pupil Premium page for information about eligibility for free school meals.

    • Students can choose to spend more than the value of the free school meal up to the £5 limit, using funds in their account if additional money has been credited.

    • Please note that credit for any under-spend or missed meal will not be carried forward to the next day.

    Breakfast Club

    A breakfast club is available in Café Beech from 8:00-8:30am; this is unsupervised.

  • Uniform Guidelines

    Our uniform policy and expectations for 2020/2021 are available to view via our Uniform and Equipment page. This document is subject to change, and we therefore advise parents and carers of Year 6 students to delay purchasing uniform items until nearer September.

    Following an extensive consultation with our students, parent groups and trustees, a new Beacon Academy uniform was introduced in September 2017.

    The uniform is based heavily on student preference and addresses some of the most pertinent points raised during the consultation process. It also reflects our high standards, expectations, motto and core values and is designed with both boys and girls in mind – it is smart, comfortable and economical.

    Uniform is one of the outward signs by which the local community recognises and makes judgements about our students and it is important that our students present themselves in a positive, professional way that conveys a disciplined and well-ordered learning environment. Smart uniform ensures that all students are prepared for work both in school and beyond. Students arriving at school without the correct uniform will be refused entrance and returned home at parents’ expense. It is parents’ responsibility to ensure that their child changes into appropriate school uniform so that they can be readmitted to school.

    We expect parents to endorse these principles and support the school to ensure the uniform code applies to every student in Years 7 to 11. All students are required to wear full school uniform whilst journeying to and from school, and whilst inside and outside the school buildings. The uniform should be neat and clean, communicating that our students take pride in belonging to Beacon Academy.

    Students in Year 11 have the option to wear a black jumper under their school blazer. The Sixth Form have a separate dress code, which is explained on our Sixth Form pages.

    Specialist subjects such as the Sciences, Art and Technology may require protective clothing, about which staff will advise students. If a student does not wear the recommended protective clothing, the school cannot accept responsibility for any damage to other clothing.

    Beacon Academy uniform can be purchased online from PMG Schoolwear. A number of basic uniform items can also be purchased from high street retailers specialising in school uniform.

    Beacon Academy has a fund set aside for the purchase of uniform where a family suffers financial hardship. There is no bureaucracy attached to this - a request to the Behaviour, Safeguarding and Welfare Manager is all that is necessary.

  • Homework Guidance

    • All homework can be found online via a dedicated website, EduLink. Login details and further information will be communicated in due course.

    • It will include project-based tasks, individual lesson-based tasks or a combination of project and individual lesson-based tasks.

    • Homework is set to suit the needs of the students within the class.

    • If you have a query or concern regarding homework, please contact the subject teacher. If your query or concern is not resolved, please contact the Head of Department.

    How much is to be set?

    • At Key Stage 3, homework is set weekly for English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages. Fortnightly for other subjects.

    • At Key Stage 4, homework is set weekly for all examination courses/subjects.

    • Each piece should take approximately 30 minutes at KS3 and 60 minutes at KS4 to complete.

    • Homework will not usually be set for PE or PSHE.

    Help for homework

    • It is beneficial to complete homework at a regular time each day, ensuring that students have the resources and equipment they need.

    • Students will have access to homework clubs, computer rooms and the library during the day and after school. Up to date information about clubs and enrichment activities at Beacon Academy can be found on our Enrichment and Extra-Curricular page. Members of staff are also available outside of lesson time to discuss homework.

    Procedure for incomplete homework

    • If homework is not handed in on time or completed not to a satisfactory standard, then a Department Detention will be issued.

    • Any student who does not attend the department detention will be placed in an after school Head of Year Detention the following Monday. Parents will be notified of their child’s Head of Year Detention via text message or email.

    • If a student is absent when the homework is set, they are still expected to complete the homework. The homework can be found on the website.
  • Information Technology Systems

    At Beacon Academy we employ a number of IT systems to aid communication between home and school, to set and review homework, behaviour and attendance. Further information can be found in our Year 7 Parent/Carer Booklet.

  • Transport for students

    School buses and coaches to secondary school are arranged and organised by East Sussex County Council.

    If you have any questions regarding transport to Beacon Academy, including bus passes and routes, the School Admissions & Transport Team at County Hall can be contacted on 0300 3309472.

    If there is not currently a school bus in place for your journey to Beacon Academy and your child might need to use public transport to travel to school, East Sussex County Council Transport Department advise parents to visit the Traveline South East website.

    If you have any other transport questions, East Sussex County Council Transport Department can be contacted on 01273 335088.

    East Sussex County Council offer a free 3i-D Card, an East Sussex bus, ID & discount card for all 11-19 year olds who live, work or study in East Sussex.

    Kent County Council provide a Young Person’s Travel Pass scheme in order to assist parents with the cost of bus travel and to promote sustainable travel.

    Information about applying for an East Sussex 3-iD Card, or a Kent Young Persons’ Travel Pass can be found on our Transport web page.

  • Learning Environment and Equipment

    Please click on the following link to view information about 2020-21 Learning Environments.

    PE Kit

    • Students are not required to bring a PE kit for the first day of school. If students are timetabled PE on Thursday 3 September, their teacher will talk them through the activities that they will be doing.

    • Trainers - please note that trainers can be any colour, provided that they are supportive and have non-marking soles. Plimsolls are unsuitable.

    • Please note that all students require trainers and football boots (football boots need to be suitable for grass pitches). Shins pads are compulsory for football and rugby (which all students participate in) and gum shields are recommended for hockey and rugby. Gum shields can be purchased from Beacon PE Department.

    Planner and Exercise Books

    • Please note that the planner and all exercise books are provided by the school.

    Art Packs

    • Students may purchase the required A5 art book from the Library for 80p. Please visit our Library web page for further information.


    • Please note that most students carry small, in-ear headphones rather than larger headphones due to the portability of them.
  • Locker Rental

    All lockers in the Academy are now managed by an external company, Secure Locker Rentals. Bookings for 2020-21 are now open.

    How to Rent a Locker

    To rent a locker for your child, please visit Secure Locker Rentals and select Beacon Academy as the location, and Year 7 only as the locker block when completing the online form.

    Please note - although there are lockers in a number of different locations around school, the lockers in our Technology Block are reserved exclusively for Year 7 students.

    Please click here for Locker rental instructions instructions from Secure Locker Rentals.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Secure Locker Rentals directly or Mrs Bodman.

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